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Barclay Garden

A few days ago, Dave, Mary, and Bonnie gathered up all of the kids and took us outside to our raised garden beds. The older kids were each assigned a younger kid then were assigned to a garden bed. Each group was given a vegetable to plant. All of the veggies were crops that grow in the winter. Some of the vegetables we planted were cauliflower, lettuce, Swiss chard, and broccoli. Sara and I got cabbage. After we read how far apart the plants were supposed to be planted, we started planting them. We planted eight of them. When we were done, I went to help Phillip and Naomi plant romaine lettuce. About the time we finished, everyone started heading to the front of the school to start weeding. We weeded for the rest of the afternoon, even though those little things will always come back. Next thing you know, we will have a beautiful garden.