Schools how to


How to Become a SC Green Step School

VISIT our website at:

FORM a staff “Green Team.”

ATTEND a SC Green Steps Training (Check our calendar for dates or host one in your region).

OUTLINE a vision for at least four projects your team would like to establish over time.

DECIDE on one or more projects that could serve as a model to other schools in your county.

SUBMIT an on-line Green-Steps-Project-Form-with detailed plans for each project underway at your school. For additional projects Green Steps Additional Project. Click our project list for ideas under these topics:

Energy Air Habitat
Reduce Water Soil
Reuse Litter Prevention
Green Purchasing

REQUEST a mentor for your first project or suggest someone you know.

INVITE your mentor to meet with your team in the fall.

RESUBMIT your project worksheet after working with your mentor with the goal of making your project a model for other schools in your school district. Green Steps Projects should be:

  • SIGNIFICANT – provides environmental and educational impact on the students and community
  • WELL ESTABLISHED – successful for at least 12 months
  • SUSTAINABLE – managed by a team of at least 3 staff members
  • ACCESSIBLE – post an up-to-date detailed report of all your projects on your school’s website and send us the SPECIFIC link. You may request a GS logo imbedded with your school name.

RESUBMIT BY MAY 1ST each project sheet submitted in the fall with a year-end report paragraph at the bottom and your updated web-link that we can access with one-click.

INVITE your mentor to meet with your team early in May to critique your project(s).

REMIND your mentor to submit a Year End Mentor Report by May 15.  Due date FIRM!

ATTEND annual SC Green Step Schools Award Ceremony at a summer “Take Action” Workshop. Check calendar for details. Plaques are given with stickers to honor each year of your service.


Green Steps Timeline


  • Submit on-line Green Steps project worksheet(s).
  • Meet with mentor.


  • Conduct your project(s); record your successes and areas in need of improvement.


  • By May 1, resubmit project worksheet(s) with a year-end report paragraph.
  • During April, invite and meet with Mentor for project critique.
  • Register early for “Take Action” Workshop. Click here to learn more about ” Action”.
  • By May 15, have your mentor submit Year End Project Report(s).