Calendar of Events/Deadlines

Breathe Better (Anti-Idling) Enroll now for the 2018-2019 school year to minimize idling at your school: Note: Schools need to re-enroll each school year. Contact:  Amy Curran or Adey Olatosi <>  Also ask about the Air Quality Flag Program.


January 15th 6:30pm-8:30pm: Want to learn how to turn plastic bags into wonderful new projects? The Columbia Art Center (1227 Taylor Street) Will be offering a free workshop. Contact Brenda Oliver to register.


Student Poster/Art Contest: February 9th (Saturday) 1-4pm. Horry County Meseum, 805 Main Street Conway. Waccamaw Conference Poster/Art Contest for K-12. Students theme “The Journey of Trash: Pollution to Solution.” For details contact Lisa Swanger. See flyer for conference details or art contest details.




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Blog post

Seaside Elementary, is one of six Horry County Schools with a new Commercial Compost Program

with SMART Recycling. Lunch room “left-overs” are now separated into recycling, compost and landfill trash.

Ocean Bay Middle School, a certified SC Green Step School, is also participating.

Commercial CompostLandfill Trash