Mentor How To

How to Become a Green Steps Mentor

VISIT our website at

SSUBMITa biography (100 word max) by emailing telling us what types of projects you can mentor and where. Follow the example of other bios listed under Resources.

ATTEND an SC Green Step Training (Check our calendar for dates or help host a workshop in your region.)

MEET with a school team in the fall to help them plan significant, realistic and eco-friendly project(s).

ACT as a school resource person and cheerleader throughout the year.

MEET with the school, team again in April to critique the project.

JUDGE each project using these criteria:

Significant: Students have demonstrated learning, doing and teaching others about an environmental topic

Model Quality: The project is worthy to have other schools come to see it.

Well Established: The project has been model quality for at least 12 months

Sustainable: The project has at least 3 paid staff members helping manage the project

Accessible: Three pictures have been submitted for each project showing students learn, doing and teaching others.

FILL-IN mentor notes on the bottom of the School’s project form for each project you are mentoring. Be sure to note your favorite thing about the project and if the project is ready for an award.

SEND IN the form with your notes no later than May 15th each year.

ATTEND either the annual SC Green Step Schools Award Ceremony in June at DHEC’s “Take Action” Workshop. OR the award ceremony each fall in your region.

Plaques are given with stickers to honor each year after two years of your service.