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55 10th-12th grade students at Cardinal Newman HS are working to create and crochet plastic bag yarn into bedrolls from Columbia’s homeless. Team moderator, Lara Druffner, writes “This project serves two wonderful purposes: keeping reusable materials out of the landfills and giving a dry, lightweight and warm sleeping mat to those in need. Win/Win”

Garden Club

Barclay School Students taught others by writing articles for their newsletter about their fall garden project. Here are two excerpts:

Jack wrote, “Before Fall Break, the students dug the dirt and removed weeds from the garden. Then teachers got some more mulch and ten flowers. The flowers are called mums and Elephant Ears. I really enjoy having a beautiful garden at the Barclay School.”

Claire wrote, “The Mimosa Garden Club visited us to see how our garden was doing. The ladies were very kind and gave us a huge donation for our plants and other needs. We thank the Mimosa Garden Club.”