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Food Nutrient

AP Environmental Science students at D.W. Daniel High are partnering with Clemson University’s Foods Department and Clemson Extension to study ¬†Aquaponics in the classroom!

Students are raising Koi fish, basil and spinach plants in a mostly closed-loop system. The fish provide nutrients, the plants clean the water and the students are learning about foodborne illnesses, clean management of food production, and will even “taste-test” the produce in recipes in January 2018.

Thank you to Clemson University’s Kimberly Baker and Dr. Lance Beecher.

Air Quality

River Bluff High School students check the Air Quality Index at  every morning and usually celebrate good air quality by raising a green flag. However, on December 1st the students raised a red flag as an alert that the air quality was unhealthy for people to be outside for long periods of time. Kudos to students across the state who are monitoring and educating about air quality in their communities.

Green Purchasing

Catawba Trail ES students and staff are making and selling candles to fund their Green Steps projects. The candles are made from donated and reused materials (except for the wicks). In addition, they are earning credit towards a “Green Purchasing” project and keeping old candles and containers out of landfills.