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Upcycled Art

Sam Yager and Jane Hiller spotted this beautiful upcycled art at the Montessori School of Columbia while teaching their 3, 4, and 5 year olds about recycling.


Congratulations to Amy Umberger, Richland County Conservation Teacher of the Year and Julius Scott, Richland County Conservation Principal of the Year. What a dynamic duo at Dutch Fork Elementary Academy of Environmental Sciences!

Litter Rap

Melissa Pollard wrote a RAP about the need to pick-up litter and recycle which she and her 7th-grade students from Ebenezer Middle School performed to educate others at the Swan Lake Earth Day Celebration.

Here is the link to there rap–>

Earth Day

Students at St. John Neumann Catholic School drew Earth messages on paper bags supplied and then distributed by their local Food Lion Grocery Store. What a great way for students to educate others.

Sister School

Dutch Fork Elementary Academy of Environmental Sciences is now a Green Sister School with a Green School in Seattle, Washington. How exciting for students to share their exciting projects coast-to-coast.