Mentor Reports

Dear Green Step Schools,

Please take time THIS WEEK to schedule a spring meeting with your team and your mentors prior to April 30.

Mentors will want to see:

-an update on the “Learn-Do-Teach Others” aspects of the projects they are mentoring

-pictures and captions of your projects posted on your school  Green Steps website or on our Green Steps Blog

Mentor reports are due to me May 15th.

*Note to mentors please not report “superlative nominations” until I ask for those after May 15th.

Can’t wait to read all about your progress!



Reuse Project

A.C. Moore Elementary students searched for natural items on their schoolyard and glued what was found to frames they cut from cereal boxes. Students then glued magnets to the frames so the projects can cling to their family refrigerators. What a fun way to teach others that reusing can be beautiful!