Tiny House Project

Congratulations to South Pointe High School Environmental Science teacher, Susan Fields, 1 of 5¬† South Carolina State Finalist in the Samsung “Solve For Tomorrow” Contest. During their Tiny House Project, her students learned about sustainable living, land use and alternative energies. The students also researched the Tiny House movement happening in Rock Hill, including learning about the city’s zoning ordinance, which states the size requirements for homes. Fields received a free Samsung Tablet, which she can incorporate into future problem based learning projects.

Barclay Chronical

Barclay School Students write about their favorite activities for their monthly “Barclay Chronical” Nate wrote, “In science, we dissected a rotten log and made a birdfeeder. It was fun because the log was full of bugs. Now we are learning about soil.” Students also worked to build a new rabbit hutch for their pets.

Champions of the Environment

Congratulations to Certified SC Green Step School, Meadow Glen Elementary, for being selected by SC DHEC as one of eight schools across the state to be selected for a $2,000 Champions of the Environment grant for their project “Plants Improve Air Quality¬†Inside and Outside.”